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Estonia sends military aid to Ukraine, including Javelin missile systems


A new aid package from Estonia has arrived in Ukraine, including Javelin anti-tank systems, machine guns, rounds for small arms, various ground and water vehicles, and diving equipment.

Source: European Pravda, citing the Estonian Defence Ministry on 3 February

Details: The precise amount of weaponry, arrival time, and location are not disclosed for security reasons.

Quote: “I am pleased that another aid package has arrived in Ukraine and is being used by Ukrainian defenders,” said Hanno Pevkur, the Defence Minister of Estonia.

“Recent events in Europe demonstrate that the dispatch of crucial missiles and other military assistance to Ukraine continues on a large scale, and with this, along with our allies, we are sending a clear message to the Kremlin that we will continue to support Ukraine until a victorious outcome is achieved,” added Pevkur.


  • This week, European Union defence ministers have agreed to fulfil their promise to send one million artillery rounds to Ukraine.

  • The Estonian Defence Minister said that Estonia is also contributing to fulfilling the promise with additional thousands of artillery shells.

  • Since 2022, Estonia has provided military assistance to Ukraine amounting to almost €500 million, approximately 1.4% of the GDP.

  • In December, the Estonian government approved providing Ukraine with long-term military assistance amounting to €80 million to defend against Russian aggression.

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