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Embattled ex-fighter who triggered massive UFC betting scandal now ‘over $5 million in debt’ after shift to real estate


It’s been a while since we’ve heard any update on “The” James Krause.

Krause was in a really good spot just a couple of years ago. He had won seven of his last eight bouts inside the Octagon, even jumping weight classes on short-notice when the opportunity arose. In addition to his success in the cage, Krause established himself as one of the premier coaches in the Midwest, bringing several fighters up the rankings through his Glory MMA fight team. Most notably, he trained and cornered Brandon Moreno for his interim Flyweight title win opposite Kai Kara-France.

Unfortunately, there was a third prong to Krause’s financial success. He gained prominence for his betting and predictions, even offering a subscription service for his insights. When one of his fighters went down in strange fashion amidst suspicious betting activity, however, eyebrows were raised.

It all disappeared almost overnight. Krause was cut, his athletes were forced to find a new home or face a UFC blacklist, and he had to sell his stake in Glory MMA. Last anyone heard, Krause was under investigation for his role in the betting scandal, as he allegedly served as an agent for an offshore sportsbook, and many believe he was releasing insider information.

Most of that scandal went down about 18 months ago in early 2023. Since then, there’s been little to no public update on the investigation. However, there’s at least something of an update from Krause himself thanks to a Facebook post that went viral on MMA Twitter. In his post, Krause reveals that he’s shifted into the real estate business and undergone $5 million dollars in debt.

If you’d also like to be $5 million in debt, direct message Krause for more information on his coaching services!

I’m in over 5 million dollars of debt and don’t lose a second of sleep over it.

Because of this I learned a few things along the way…

1. Inflation – if you do nothing with your money you are losing it due to the dollar not being worth what it once was even a year ago.

2. Cash flow – all my properties have money left over after ALL bills are paid monthly.

3. Leverage – because I have equity in my properties I’m able to leverage that equity to create lines of credit or more cash to buy more property.

Once I learned how debt worked it changed my life.

If they keep printing money then why wouldn’t you use debt?

If the people running the country are using debt, the largest companies in the world are using debt then why wouldn’t you?

Lastly, once you understand fractional banking and how it works you know that most of this is just numbers on a computer screen anyways but that’s for another post…

One of the many topics to discuss in my real estate coaching group.

If I can help you in any way shoot me a DM!

Of course, “$5 million in debt” is a strange way to phrase “has $5 million invested in real estate.” But hey, Krause phrased it that way, not me!

Stay tuned for further updates (if they ever come) on the James Krause investigation and UFC betting scandal.

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