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Eerie flashing light from empty building has been blinding me 24/7 for months – & there’s nothing I can do to stop it


A WOMAN who lives opposite an empty building has been blinded by a flashing light for months – and there’s nothing she can do about it.

TikToker Gillian Paige has documented the visual nightmare she experiences every single day.

The flashing light is at its worst at night


The flashing light is at its worst at nightCredit: TikTok/@gillian_paige
But Gillian also experiences it during the day


But Gillian also experiences it during the dayCredit: TikTok/@gillian_paige

Gillian often documents her life on the social media platform but this time she’s revealed the glaring problem she can’t seem to get rid of.

Across the street from her perfect home setup, Gillian has had to endure the ever-blinking light shining into her home.

During the day, when it’s light outside or she’s out of the house, it’s not much of a problem.

But at night, it becomes a whole new type of issue.

In her TikTok video, Gillian (@gillian_page) shows just how severely distracting the light is.

“This building has been under construction since I moved in in JUNE,” she writes in the seven second clipo

“This light has been flashing all day every day since JUNE.

“No one lives or works in this building yet. There’s no one to call. What should I do?”

Gillian’s video was soon bombarded with comments from other TikTok users who quickly sympathised with her recurring issue.

“I am not exaggerating when I say that would literally make me go insane,” one user said.

“The way I would simply have to move,” added another.

But many people also left a variety of suggestions on how best to rectify the pulsing light problem.

One user said: “Legit answer: call fire dept and say their is a visible electrical short to a light fixture. They’ll be their in 10mins.”

A second commented: “Call the police say it looks like someone is signalling from the building so they’ll go in and turn it off.”

However some people had their own fun with Gillian’s issue.

“Figure out the BPM and sync your playlist to it for parties,” someone joked.

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