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‘Dummy’, ‘stupid brown guy’: Man hurls racial abuses at Pizza delivery driver in Toronto


NEW DELHI: A recent viral video on the has surfaced on the internet showing an angry Canadian customer beating a pizza delivery agent while also hurling racial slurs at him. The video quickly gained traction on social media platforms.
It all began when the customer and the delivery agent got into a heated dispute about the method of payment.
A user on X (formerly twitter) with the account name Ian Miles Cheong, posted a video with the caption, “This delivery guy in Brampton, Canada was harassed by a worthless customer who’s trying to make content for his TikTok.If anyone knows who he is I’d like to send him a huge tip.”

Calling the delivery guy ‘dummy,’ the customer, whose face was not visible in the video, seems to be irritated as he demands to call the workplace after he paid in cash. “You think I never ordered before?” the customer challenged the delivery person to “do something, I dare you,” adding that he always made cash payments.
After this, the delivery boy called his workplace and complained that the customer was abusing him. While the delivery guy was still on the call, the man continued to mock and insult him, calling him a ”Stupid brown guy.” The customer continuously claimed that he clicked the cash option on the app not any card payment. The agent then makes an offer to get the change first and then deliver the food.
The customer got furious with this suggestion and challenged the delivery agent to get the parcel from his custody. Finally, the Customer support executive agreed to send change to the customer when the defenseless driver contacted them again. The guy kept calling the agent names as he hastily exited the building.
This video went viral earning over 2 million views with comments slamming the customer for his rude and racist comments.

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