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Dramatic moment Ukrainian kamikaze drone swoops on clueless Putin soldier and blows him up with direct head-shot


THIS is the moment a Ukrainian kamikaze drone hits a Russian soldier in the head with pinpoint accuracy.

Dramatic footage shows Putin’s man walking on the battlefield when the drone flies up from behind and hits him in a huge explosion.

A Ukrainian kamikaze drone hit a Russian soldier in the head


A Ukrainian kamikaze drone hit a Russian soldier in the headCredit: Newsflash
The drone caught the soldier by surprise as it flew in from behind


The drone caught the soldier by surprise as it flew in from behindCredit: Newsflash

The video then shows the Russian soldier lying lifelessly on the ground as smoke rises into the air.

Ukraine’s Strike Drones Company, part of the country’s Armed Forces, released the images on Tuesday followed by a statement.

“Everyone has seen how the pilots of the 47th OMbr attack UAV company destroy the invaders, but this case is special,” it read.

“Not every pilot is capable of hitting an orc in the head with a kamikaze drone while it is moving.”

It comes just a day after Ukraine claimed to have sunk another Russian warship – with 50 sailors on board – using kamikaze sea drones.

Footage shared by Ukraine’s ministry of defence showed the dramatic moment its boats sped toward Putin’s £55million Black Sea missile ship “Ivanovets” and sent it up in flames.

In another major scalp for Ukraine, two of Putin’s most crucial spy planes worth £290million were shot down last month.

One of the Russian dictator’s £260million spy planes disappeared and a £30million bomber jet was set on fire after Ukrainian forces shot them out of the sky above the Azov Sea.

Ukraine also previously carried out a cyber-attack that took down a server used by the Russian Ministry of Defence, resulting in a temporary disruption to communications between Moscow’s military units, Ukraine officials said.

Russia invaded Ukraine almost two years ago on February 24 2022 – in what the Kremlin is still calling a “special military operation.”

Kyrylo Budanov, the head of Ukraine’s military intelligence agency, said he expects the Russian offensive to fizzle out on the eastern frontline by early spring.

He said that they had made only “a few advances across some fields” and near Avdiivka.

He added: “Now it’s the enemy’s move. It will end, and I think ours will start.”

Today marks the 707th day of the full-scale war as Putin’s war machine suffers major blows.

Since the beginning of the war, Russia had lost approximately 385,230 personnel, 6,310 tanks, and 11,757 armoured combat vehicles, Ukrainian army officials said.

Putin’s army also reportedly lost 9,195 artillery units, 974 multiple launch rocket systems, 663 air defence systems, 332 warplanes, and 324 helicopters.

The list goes on – 7,100 drones, 1,846 cruise missiles, 23 warships, 1 submarine, 12,231 motor vehicles and fuel tankers, and 1,452 units of special equipment.

Meanwhile, Ukraine is set to receive a first large batch of long-range missiles built by Boeing and Saab.

The missiles will extend its range deep into Russian-held territory and will supplement its US-provided ATACM rockets.

On Thursday, EU members unanimously agreed to extend 50 billion euros (£42 billion) in new aid to Ukraine.

The money will come from taxes and profits from billions of dollars in assets belonging to the Russian central bank.

The assets were frozen following Russia’s full-scale invasion of Ukraine in February 2022.

French President Emmanuel Macron said on Tuesday that Europe must be prepared to help Ukraine “over the long-term”, with or without the help of the United States.

He said: “If the United States were to make a sovereign choice to stop or reduce this aid, it should have no impact on the ground.”

CIA director Bill Burns has said that 2024 could be a tough year for Ukraine as it continues to fight the Russian invasion.

He added that cutting off US aid to Kyiv would be a mistake of “historic proportions”.

Ukraine previously sunk one of Putin's warships


Ukraine previously sunk one of Putin’s warships

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