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Dramatic moment Ukrainian drone plane hits Putin’s war factory deep inside Russia in fireball blast


DRAMATIC footage shows the moment a suspected Ukrainian UAV exploded as it hit one of Vladimir Putin’s war factories.

The plane-type UAV erupted into a fireball after crashing into the plant deep in Russia where it is understood Iranian killer drones are assembled.

A huge fireball erupted as the Russian plant was hit


A huge fireball erupted as the Russian plant was hitCredit: East2West
Footage shows panicked onlookers fleeing


Footage shows panicked onlookers fleeingCredit: East2West
A UAV was seen flying above moments before


A UAV was seen flying above moments beforeCredit: East2West

Panicked workers fled as a huge inferno erupted at the plant near Yelabuga, at least 660 miles from the closest Ukrainian territory

A dormitory for workers in the Alabuga economic zone, where it is believed deadly Iranian Shahed drones are put together, was blasted, Russian sources say.

The killer drones have wreaked havoc in war.

Three strikes were reported at the plant, but it is unclear if there was any damage to the drone-making production line.

Several people were reported wounded in the attack.

According to unconfirmed claims, the attack was not by a drone by a piloted small plane on a suicide mission, possibly a Ukrainian A-22, or that an aircraft was flying on autopilot. 

Kremlin-loyal Readovka reported: “It is too early to conclude whether the suicide pilot was alive at the wheel or whether the aircraft was controlled by an autopilot.

“In favour of the latter is the fact that how straight and clear the A-22 went to the target – such a result could not be achieved even by Japanese kamikazes, so, apparently, we are dealing with a new kind of long-range kamikaze drones based on light-engine aircraft.”

But other Russian outlets Shot and Mash suggested the attack was by a UJ-22 airborne drone.

Head of Tatarstan region Rustam Minnikhanov said: “This morning, the enterprises of the republic in Elabuga and Nizhnekamsk were attacked by unmanned aerial vehicles.

Putin’s £32m fighter jet plunges in flames into Black Sea after ‘friendly fire strike’ off Crimea

“There was no serious destruction, the technological process of the enterprises was not disrupted.

“There are victims as a result of the destruction of the premises. They are being provided with all the necessary assistance.”

There was also speculation of a launch within Russia, or even Kazakhstan, since the distance from Ukraine appears so far for drones.

If it had flown more than 660 miles, Russian air defence would likely have countered it.

Meanwhile, the Taneco oil plant in Nizhnekamsk was hit in the bombardment early today. 

Images showed the site on fire – with three people said to have been injured.

It is the latest oil refinery in Russia to be hit by Ukraine, which is reportedly defying the US in making such attacks.

There are fears that a loss of Russian production capacity will lead to rising world oil prices.

Timur Shagivaleev, Director General of Alabuga SEZ, an enterprise zone where the drone plant is allegedly based, admitted a hit on a hostel – a dormitory for workers.

He did not refer to damage to the production facilities. 

Shagivaleev said: “Today at 5:45am, the Alabuga hostel was attacked by two drones.

“Indeed, they are attacking shopping centres in Moscow.

“They are attacking residential areas in Belgorod, they are attacking hostels in Alabuga.

“It is against such people that we are carrying out a special military operation.”

Ukraine’s GUR military intelligence directorate was behind the targeting of the Shahed-drone production line, reported RBC-Ukraine.

Six people were injured in the drone attack, which hit the hostel.

The UAVs that took part in the attack were equipped with equipment from NATO countries, alleged Alabuga SEZ, giving no evidence for the claim.

The plant - where Iranian Shahed drones are assembled - was targeted


The plant – where Iranian Shahed drones are assembled – was targetedCredit: East2West
Damage at the site deep in Russia


Damage at the site deep in RussiaCredit: East2West

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