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Denzel Washington Unleashes the Monster in ‘Equalizer 3’ Music Video

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The Big Picture

  • Jacob Banks collaborates with Antoine Fuqua once again to provide the soulful and powerful song, “Monster”, for The Equalizer 3.
  • The Equalizer series is known for its intense action, charismatic performances by Denzel Washington, and moral dilemmas faced by the protagonist.
  • The third installment of The Equalizer takes place in southern Italy, where Robert McCall confronts the mafia to protect his new friends.

Music is an integral part of Antoine Fuqua‘s filmography, and The Equalizer 3 is no exception. Fuqua has brought in Jacob Banks, the English singer and songwriter, to perform “Monster” in support of the movie’s release. The Nigerian-born musician’s soulful voice lends itself to the thoughtful brutality of the film’s protagonist, Robert McCall. Banks had previously collaborated with Fuqua on The Equalizer 2, in which he released a song named “In the Name of Love” which was featured in the film. Fuqua enjoyed the collaboration so much, that he invited Banks to return for Equalizer 3, and Collider is delighted to exclusively bring the music lyric video for “Monster”, which showcases the song’s powerful lyrics alongside key scenes from the movie, starring Denzel Washington and Dakota Fanning.

The Equalizer series is known for its intense action scenes, Washington’s charismatic performance, and the moral dilemmas faced by its protagonist. Robert McCall uses his formidable skills to help those who cannot help themselves, making him a modern-day vigilante with a strong sense of justice.


A Brief History of ‘The Equalizer’ On Film

The first two films, set in Boston, saw McCall first seek to eliminate the Russian mob from Massachusetts after befriending a trafficked girl in his local diner. Meanwhile, The Equalizer 2 saw McCall avenge the death of a friend who was taken out by corrupt government officials. For The Equalizer 3, the plot will be taking place in Europe, specifically in southern Italy, with Robert McCall going head-to-head with the mafia. The official plot synopsis reads as follows:

Since giving up his life as a government assassin, Robert McCall (Denzel Washington) has struggled to reconcile the horrific things he’s done in the past and finds a strange solace in serving justice on behalf of the oppressed. Finding himself surprisingly at home in Southern Italy, he discovers his new friends are under the control of local crime bosses. As events turn deadly, McCall knows what he has to do: become his friends’ protector by taking on the mafia.

First reactions to Washington’s farewell to Robert McCall were generally positive, with praise going to Washington and Fanning’s performances and chemistry — proving their work together on Man on Fire two decades ago was not merely a one-off — as well as acclaim going to the relentless and brutal nature of the violence depicted on screen by Fuqua, whose care and dedication to both the character and the series has been evident since the very beginning.

The Equalizer 3 opens on September 1. Check out the exclusive music video down below.

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