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‘Death on the Border’ Trailer — Fast-Paced Thriller Tackles Human Trafficking

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Shannon Elizabeth, Eric Roberts, and Danny Trejo star in the upcoming true crime story.

The Big Picture

  • Death on the Border is a true crime story coming to the big screen, tackling the horrifying reality of human trafficking and the impact it has on lives.
  • Shannon Elizabeth and Kika Magalhaes play two women who take matters into their own hands to track down the kidnappers behind the inhumane acts of human trafficking.
  • Eric Roberts and Frank Whaley portray the main antagonists, with the local police department unable to stop their nefarious plans, leaving it up to the two women to remove them from the equation.

A new true-crime story is about to arrive on the big screen, with the release of the first trailer for Death on the Border, which Collider can exclusively reveal below. A murderous organization continues to kidnap young girls for inhumane purposes, and there are only two people who can stop them by not going by the book. If they succeed with their unauthorized mission, countless lives will be saved from falling into the claws of organized crime. Wendy Wilkins has directed a written the upcoming project, set to dive deep into the terrifying reality of the impact human trafficking has in the lives directly touched by it.

In a film that could come straight out of the Sicario universe, Shannon Elizabeth plays one of the two women who are tired of living surrounded by the violence of human trafficking networks. As a former police officer, the protagonist of the movie knows a thing or two about faking her death to take matters into her own hands. Elizabeth will be joined on the screen by Kika Magalhaes, as the pair tries to track down the criminals who have destroyed the lives of so many families while hiding from the authorities. If the police department were to find out about their agenda, they could be arrested themselves.

Eric Roberts has been cast as the movie’s main antagonist, a corrupt cop working around the border between the United States and Mexico. As the local police department refuses to stop the suffering brought on by this organization, it will be up to two citizens to remove the kidnappers from the equation. The main characters of the story have been placed in a very uncomfortable position, with the criminals they want to take down coming after them, while the authorities they should be able to trust watch them from a distance.

Help is On the Way in ‘Death on the Border’

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To prevent the heroes from the upcoming story from carrying the entire responsibility of saving the girls on their shoulders, Danny Trejo will step in to play a character willing to take out a few bad guys himself. While his Machete days may be behind him at this point in his career, Trejo is ready to bring out the action skills that made him a hero in the first place. In addition to the actor’s featured performance in the movie, Wilkins herself will briefly be seen on the screen in the project she wrote and directed.

You can check out Collider’s exclusive trailer for Death on the Border below before the movie premieres in theaters next month:

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