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Daniel Cormier Vows to Quit NCAA Wrestling Commentary Over Criticism


Cormier says he won’t be returning to NCAA wrestling commentary
after criticism received during his latest stint.

Cormier is a former NCAA All-American wrestler from Oklahoma State
University and a two-time member of the U.S. Olympic wrestling
squad. After switching to MMA and becoming a two-division UFC
champ, “DC” was invited to continue calling fights for the NCAA
wrestling championship. Despite his vast experience in combat
sports and commentating, Cormier’s commentary has drawn mixed
reviews. While some saw Cormier’s energetic style as the way
forward, others criticized him for not being technical enough.

Cormier has decided to step away from NCAA commentary after his
latest gig over online backlash.

“You guys have it. I am out sorry to ruin your experience! You know
I don’t ask to do this. Very important people ask me to do it.
Anyhow carry on my friend, I am out. Back to the minor leagues for

“Guys [I’m] out. This will be my last time doing the NCAA
tournament,” he added. “Continue to do things the same way and stay
wrestling that hasn’t changed since the 40’s. I told the general
public to watch a guy told me he’d rather tear his eyes out than
watch. So enjoy. I’ll finish tonight and I’m out!”

Cormier’s comments came in response to a tweet from former
collegiate wrestler and current assistant coach Mason Beckman, who
has since received his share of criticism online.

“Didn’t realize my opinion would create such a firestorm,” Beckman
wrote in response. “All I’ll say is this: I don’t think being
entertaining has to come at the expense of knowing the rules and
athletes, and/or being unbiased. One man’s opinion – admittedly
from the sideline. Take it for what it’s worth.”

Cormier’s commentary in the UFC has also been slammed by fans and
fighters on several occasions in the past. When asked why he
doesn’t consider quitting the UFC gig, Cormier wrote: “I get paid a
lot there lol.”

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