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Daniel Cormier quits NCAA wrestling commentary gig over Twitter criticism


Daniel Cormier will no longer commentate the NCAA wrestling championships after he received a less than stellar response to his 2024 mic duties.

Cormier has an extensive amateur wrestling resume and competed against some of the best during his time in NCAA Division I. He was also on the U.S. Olympic freestyle wrestling team twice. He’s the third man in the commentary booth for most UFC pay-per-views, and a star from his days as double champion with the promotion. So you’d think he’d be the perfect fit to call matches for the NCAA and maybe draw some new eyes in.

Regular NCAA viewers apparently do not agree with that assessment.

“Guys, I’m out,” Cormier wrote on X (formerly Twitter) on Saturday night. “This will be my last time doing the NCAA tournament. Continue to do things the same way and stay[sic] wrestling that hasn’t changed since the 40’s. I told the general public to watch, a guy told me he’d rather tear his eyes out than watch. So enjoy. I’ll finish tonight and I’m out!”

This was in response to another X post where someone wrote “DC is painful. He has no professionalism on the mic to the point of it being ridiculous.”

“You guys have it. I am out sorry to ruin your experience!” Cormier replied in a separate tweet. “You know I don’t ask to do this. Very important people ask me to do it. Anyhow carry on my friend I am out. Back to the minor leagues for me.”

This isn’t the first time Cormier has let criticism of his commentary get under his skin. “DC” has spoken multiple times on how rough the negative feedback is to him. His deskmate Joe Rogan has tried to teach him not to read comments or listen to the peanut gallery. Yet Daniel is clearly still rolling around in the muck of social media, where he sees every mean tweet about him mixing a wrestler’s sophomores and freshmen records up.

“MMA fans say a lot worse things about that commentary but you still do that,” one person on X noted.

“I get paid a lot there lol,” Cormier replied.

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