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‘Dangerous product’: Taiwan declares TikTok national security threat


NEW DELHI: Taiwan declared TikTok a national security threat, calling it “a dangerous product” days after US passed a bill to ban the Chinese social media platform, Central News agency Taiwan reported.
“Taiwan has classified TikTok as a dangerous product,” Audrey Tang, Taiwan’s minister of digital affairs said.
Tang said that the platform’s association with foreign adversaries is consistent with the US perspective, which considers TikTok a possible threat to national security.
She added that any product that can be controlled by foreign adversaries, either directly or indirectly, constitutes a threat to national information and communication security under Taiwanese norms.
Tang said that Taiwan’s ministry of digital affairs has suggested a modification to the Cyber Security Management Act, reflecting concerns raised in the US House bill about indirect foreign interference.
TikTok usage is already restricted within Taiwanese government institutions and facilities.
Hinting at the possibility of expanding the ban to schools, non-governmental organizations, and public venues, Tang said, “The final decision will be made by the Cabinet after extensive consideration of opinions in the various sectors.”
The US House of Representatives on March 13 approved a bill that gives Chinese-owned TikTok parent company, ByteDance, around six months to sell off the app’s assets in the United States or face a ban.
The bill passed with a vote of 352-65, gaining support from both Democrats and Republicans.

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