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Counting polar bears is easy – you have 20/20 vision if you can see fish they’re waiting to catch in optical illusion


YOU have the perfect vision if you can see fish that polar bears are waiting to catch in this tricky optical illusion.

Only the true genius can figure out the whereabouts of the fish in this mind-boggling image.

Can the fish catch your eye on time?


Can the fish catch your eye on time?Credit: www.jagranjosh.com

The illusion shows polar bears dressed in cute festive sweaters for the holiday season.

But will you be able to help them catch their Christmas feast in time?

There’s only one fish hidden among the snowflakes in this beautiful image.

Optical illusions are created to trick our minds into perceive things that don’t correspond to physical reality.

Two people can look at the same image and see something poles apart.

The main thing you can learn from this puzzle is how your brain and vision coordinate.

The brain teaser is one of the hardest one that only a true expeditioner can solve.

You should have a sharp mind and eye to catch onto the hints.

Look keenly at the image or the fish might slip your line of sight.

This illusion has even the most seasoned puzzlers scratching their head.

Don’t let the cute bears distract you from your task – the time is running out.

If you had no luck, don’t fret- answer will be shown at the end.

Why not try other brain teasers in the meantime?

You can prove you have 20/20 vision by spotting the hidden cat in under seven seconds.

Or, you could test your IQ with this baffling optical illusion that hides ten faces within the drawing.

Spotting the first two faces is a no-brainer, but can you find the other eight in under ten seconds?

Coming back to our challenge, did you manage to catch the fish yet?

If you did, congratulations – you have earned the title of the true genius puzzler.

If not, don’t worry- there’s always a next time.

Check your answer illustrated in the image below – the fish is carefully hidden in the snowflake.

There's the fish!


There’s the fish!Credit: www.jagranjosh.com
There are 10 faces hiding in this mind-bending illusion


There are 10 faces hiding in this mind-bending illusionCredit: Painting Valley
There were five faces on each side of the tree


There were five faces on each side of the treeCredit: Painting Valley

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