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Chito Vera reacts to Cory Sandhagen’s criticism of his loss to Sean O’Malley: ‘You look like a f****** idiot’


Marlon Vera is not a fan of Cory Sandhagen’s breakdown of his UFC 299 loss to Sean O’Malley.

After Vera fell short in his first bid to win the UFC bantamweight title, Sandhagen was quite critical of his past opponent’s performance, going as far to say that Vera “obviously had no business being in the cage with O’Malley.”

As expected, “Chito” had some things to say about it, essentially letting Sandhagen know that he shouldn’t quit his day job.

“It didn’t bother me, like in a way that [affected] me,” Vera said on The MMA Hour. “But I’m like, ‘Dude, I just fought. Dude, it didn’t [go] my way, and you make your whole f****** douchebag YouTube videos?’ I mean, dude, stick to fighting.

“You’re not a f****** influencer. You look like a f****** idiot, but I get it. … Everybody wants to do the [podcasts], and now we see … they become like school teachers now.”

Vera lumped Sandhagen in with fellow bantamweight Henry Cejudo, who also does breakdowns of fights and storylines on his own YouTube channel. Sandhagen defeated Vera via split decision in their main event matchup at UFC San Antonio in March 2023.

As far as where Vera goes from his loss to O’Malley, he’s open to facing anybody the UFC presents to him, but he does hope to return at the promotion’s annual trip to Madison Square Garden, which typically takes place in November.

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