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Chilling moment saucer-shaped UFO hovers over oil rig near where locals believe there is an ‘alien base’


THIS is the chilling moment two saucer-shaped UFOs can be seen hovering above a giant oil rig near a secret “alien base”.

Locals claim the area off the coast of Mexico is home to an underwater alien hideout called Amupac that has long protected the community from natural disasters.

A saucer-shaped UFO can be seen hovering in the sky with three triangular lights


A saucer-shaped UFO can be seen hovering in the sky with three triangular lightsCredit: X/@covertress
A close up of the second UFO shows it as having six lights


A close up of the second UFO shows it as having six lightsCredit: X/@covertress
The UFO hovering above the oil rig in Mexico


The UFO hovering above the oil rig in MexicoCredit: X/@covertress

A crew member onboard the oil rig near Tampico snapped up images of the bizarre objects.

One shows a small aircraft with glowing lights at the bottom of it soaring in the sky.

At least six amber lights can be seen underneath the potential spaceship that is also surrounded by a silver disc.

Another picture shows three illuminated dots in the air making up a peculiar triangle shape.

So far there have been no explanations for the floating objects.

Both crafts are believed to have suddenly appeared before quickly jetting off and never returning.

The images were first taken in October 2023, but have only just been shown online.

The real threat of UFOs and aliens

FOR decades, UFOs and aliens were considered to be make belief things created by people in tinfoil hats but they are now considered a threat to national security.

Long gone are those who claim conspiracy theories are all false as many are now discussed at the highest levels of government with US officials even admitting their existence.

As more and more credible witnesses continue to come forward to tell their extraordinary stories publicly.

The 2010s saw decades of stigmas around extra terrestrial life start to break down as politicians made UFO sightings a matter of national security.

Across the world, governments have also unveiled some spooky truths with some even showcasing “dead alien corpses” on display for congress.

Researchers recently verified the legitimacy of a set of three-fingered mummies as potential evidence of “non-human” life forms.

A line-up of doctors confirmed at Mexico’s Congress on Tuesday that the bodies, purportedly not of this Earth, were in fact real, once-living organisms.

The Pentagon also released a blockbuster 1,574 pages of real-life X-Files in 2022, related to its secretive UFO programme.

The haul includes reports into research on the biological effects of UFO sightings on humans, sets out categorisations for paranormal experiences, and studies into sci-fi-style tech.

Top UFO chief Sean Kirkpatrick told the world last year that he is set to step down from his job following his stern warning of concerning activity “in our backyard.”

The Pentagon’s UFO analysis office launched a UFO reporting service to the public after admitting to uncovering “some things” and calling the high number of suspicious activity either a foreign power or aliens.

Navy jet footage has revealed the intriguing images of a government-confirmed UFO baffling the internet.

The United States Government launched the All-domain Anomaly Resolution Office (AARO) in 2022 to investigate reports of unidentified flying objects (UFOs).


The mysterious Amupac is thought to sit off Miramar Beach in the region – exactly where the oil rig was floating.

According to locals, there hasn’t been a hurricane in the area since 1967 when the legend begun.

The idea of a secret alien base lurking beneath the water came from local news outlet El Sol de Tampico newspaper.

They ran a sensational story headlined “Platillos Voladores Sobre Tampico”, or Flying Saucers Over Tampico.

It quoted local officers as saying they’ve witnessed “nine unidentified objects” in the sky.

They also said that “thousands of inhabitants’ saw objects in the sky”.

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Despite being such a bizarre theory, Tampico has been seemingly protected by natural disasters in the past.

Five major hurricanes ripped through Tampico and nearby Ciudad Madero across three decades between 1933 and 1966.

But since then not a single one has attacked the region with all natural disasters simply disappearing or missing the area.

Most recently, devastating Tropical Storm Karl was all but set to strike on the shoreline in 2013 after terrorising the neighboring towns and villages.

But at the last moment, weather radars showed the cyclone taking a sharp turn and completely missing the area entirely.

Before it continued on the Gulf Coast of Mexico, flooding several communities and even causing one death.

One of the main theories behind the underwater alien stronghold is the use of magnetic fields.

Some people claim a series of meter-long aluminum, iron and copper alloy bars were secretly buried in the seafloor by aliens when they first visited.

This has seemingly kept the area protected from disasters.

And the whole region has bought into the idea as they have named restaurants after martians and even sell a plethora of alien-based stuffed toys and memorabilia, VICE reports.

The beach has even be dubbed “Playa Protegida” or the Protected Beach.

Dr Rosario Romero, a climate scientist at the National Autonomous University of Mexico, even called the long-lasting streak of good weather in the area interesting.

But she did note it wasn’t unexplainable.

Tampico has now become a haven for alien based stories and memorabilia with many locals still believing they are protected


Tampico has now become a haven for alien based stories and memorabilia with many locals still believing they are protectedCredit: BBC MUNDO

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