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Chilling moment fishermen battle with 12ft-long ‘monster’ great white shark after reeling in beast for an hour


THIS is the chilling moment a fisherman battles with a monstrous great white shark after reeling the beast for an hour.

Shark expert Blaine Kenny singlehandedly captured a 12-foot, 1,200lb great white shark roaming along a Florida beach, on Wednesday.

Shark expert Kenny single-handedly reeled in a 12-foot shark


Shark expert Kenny single-handedly reeled in a 12-foot sharkCredit: YouTube/@ Coastal Worldwide
Moment the fisherman draws out the beast


Moment the fisherman draws out the beastCredit: YouTube/@ Coastal Worldwide
Drone footage showing the great white shark


Drone footage showing the great white sharkCredit: YouTube/@ Coastal Worldwide

Footage shows Kenny and his pal reeling in the giant beast for an hour before finally drawing the catch out of the water.

Kenny, who owns a shark fishing outfitter and fishing tour group set to catch the “biggest shark possible” with his business partner Dylan Wier on Tuesday night at Navarre Beach, about 25 miles east of Pensacola.

The duo set out on their ambitious mission – and used the “biggest bait possible” to lure sharks.

They put up the head of a 150-pound swordfish head and another head of an 80-pound yellowfin tuna, the New York Post reported.

On Wednesday morning, while scouting for a big catch, Kenny’s line saw a tug and he began to reel in the fish.

He went on for almost an hour, as the fish would repeatedly pull back into the water despite Kenny’s rigorous attempts to draw it out.

Kenny says in the 25-minute long clip posted onto Coastal Worldwide YouTube channel: “He’s not letting me take anything.”

“We might have to end up chasing him at some point.”

“Weir, who was assisting Kenny as his spotter, started making predictions on what the sea creature could be.

“It’s a big, big wintertime shark,” he says.

“There’s only a few things it can be, a mako, a giant tiger, a white shark or the biggest dusky we’ve ever seen in our lives.

“We’re just going to play it out, not jump to assumptions, and really does it matter what’s on the other end of that line right now?

“We have one task at hand and the task is Blaine has to stay locked in. I have to stay locked in.”

After some serious efforts by Kenny, Weir starts an overhead search to see what the creature is using his drone.

And the duo soon realised they were reeling in a great white shark.

Truly words cannot describe the feeling of this fish right here

Blaine Kennyshark expert

Kenny eventually pulled the massive animal onto the shore – and quickly removed the hook from the shark.

It was then released back into the water.

An ecstatic Kenny said: “I’ve said it so many times before, but truly words cannot describe the feeling of this fish right here.”

This remarkable story came after the first-ever picture of a newborn great white shark was released – leaving scientists stunned at the breakthrough discovery.

The baby shark was thought to have been just a few hours old, according to experts, meaning it is the first ever great white shark to be seen so soon after birth.

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