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Checkpoint chaos as thousands of trucks stranded at Ukraine’s borders with Poland & Slovakia as


About 2,100 trucks were waiting in line to enter Ukraine at the Ukrainian-Polish border as of the morning of Dec. 1, with the heaviest traffic reported at the Krakowiec checkpoint, Ukrainian State Border Guard Service spokesman Andriy Demchenko reported on national television on Dec. 1.

The Polish side at the Yahodyn checkpoint accepted no more than 20 trucks for entry, Demchenko said.

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“The blockade of four checkpoints continues. As of the morning, according to the information we have from our Polish colleagues, there are about 2,100 trucks waiting in line at these four checkpoints towards Ukraine, most of which are opposite the Shehyni and Rava-Ruska checkpoints,” he said, adding that thousands of vehicles are waiting to enter Poland.

The passage of cars through the checkpoints has significantly decreased due to the blockade.

“Yahodyn used to witness about 1,200-1,300 trucks crossing the border daily in both directions,” Demchenko said.

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“Now, this number fluctuates at the level of 120-140. Specifically, concerning Rava-Ruska and Krakovets, before Nov. 6, 600 trucks traversed the border in both directions daily. Now this number has decreased by half or even three times.”

There are about 600 trucks waiting in line on the Slovak border in the direction of Uzhhorod–Vyšné Nemecké checkpoint, he said.

“On the border with Hungary, opposite the Tisza checkpoint, up to 1,000 trucks are waiting for the opportunity to cross into Ukraine,” he added.

Demchenko also reminded that on Dec.1, the blocking of traffic for trucks began in the direction of the Uzhhorod–Vyšné Nemecké checkpoint.

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“At 4 pm Kyiv time, we will observe the situation on the border with Slovakia. Participants in this action have indicated that approximately four trucks per hour will be allowed to pass from Slovakia,” he said.

Polish carriers started a border strike with Ukraine on Nov. 6. They blocked three checkpoints for the passage of freight transport: Korczowa-Krakowiec, Grebenne-Rava-Ruska, and Dorohusk-Yahodyn. On Nov. 22, the blockade of the Yahodyn-Dorohusk checkpoint on the Ukrainian-Polish border was extended until Feb. 1, 2024.

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Ukraine negotiated with Polish protesters who are blocking the movement of trucks at the border but failed to reach a consensus.

The European Commission stated on Nov. 16 that it could take punitive measures against Poland if it does not resolve the issue of blocking Ukrainian border crossings.

Trucks were also being blocked at the Medyka — Shehyni crossing point from Nov. 23.

A second Ukrainian driver died at the border on Nov. 23. The Ukrainian Embassy in Poland urgently submitted an official note to the Polish Foreign Affairs Ministry.

Ukraine began collecting data for the evacuation of Ukrainian drivers from the Polish-Ukrainian border and is initiating the creation of an EU monitoring group at the border.

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UNAS announced on Nov. 29 its intention to block the Uzhhorod–Vyšné Nemecké border checkpoint for an indefinite period from Dec. 1.

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