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Cheapest pint in the world is REVEALED – and where you’re most likely to get ripped off buying a beer


THE ten cheapest spots in the world to grab a pint have finally been revealed with three European countries making the list.

Boffins searched the globe for the best priced beer and not only found the lowest priced tipple but also where you’re most likely to be getting ripped off.

The world's most and least expensive pint has been revealed


The world’s most and least expensive pint has been revealedCredit: Getty

They found that a 60cl bottle of Star lager – just over a pint – in Nigeria was the cheapest, costing an average of only 351 Nair – that’s just 20p.

Launched in 1949, the beer made by Nigerian Breweries Ltd is the most widely drunk in the African country, with an ABV of 5.1 per cent.

But the unwanted honour for the most overpriced pint belongs to the United Arab Emirates.

There a beer costs a whopping £8.31 more than those in Nigeria.

The study found the average price was £8.51 surprisingly followed by Oman.

A spokesman for Bountii – a price search engine – said: “Nigeria offers the cheapest pint in the world, at just 20p, with the UAE being the most expensive location in the world for beer drinkers.”

Bountii found that anyone looking to bag the cheapest pint would have to fly to Africa for a night out if they wanted to keep their wallets full.

Taking second cheapest spot on the leaderboard is Belarus where a pint is just 75p, followed closely by China where it’s 76p.

Next comes Vietnam where you could bag yourself a bevvy for just 79p.

Coming up in fourth place is Ukraine which flogs lager, ale and stout for just 81p a pop.

The remaining sweet spots are Uzbekistan (82p), Philippines (99p), Colombia (£1) Azerbaijan (£1.01) and Kazakhstan (£1.05).


The UAE charges an eye-watering £8.51 per pint on average – pipping Oman to the post with its £8.13 booze.

Third comes Norway which will set you back £7.44.

Then comes Israel with a pretty steep drop at £6.42 – far cheaper than certain beers in London.

Switzerland charges £6.23, Finland £5.98 and Singapore £5.87.

Scandinavia might be seen as the happiest region in the world but it does sell beer at a higher price with Denmark being eighth on the list at £5.73.

Then nearby Sweden is only a penny cheaper.

Finally, Australia takes the tenth spot where you’ll be set back £5.69.

Rob Edwards, 45, of Winchester, Hants, was left shocked after hearing the prices in Nigeria.

He said: “When I go out locally for a few pints, it’s going to cost me the best part of £30, but if I was out in Nigeria I’d be lucky to spend £2.

“It’s definitely worth thinking about – although the wife prefers Spain.”

I’m on the world’s longest cruise – it cost $70k and it’s a bargain… I get unlimited booze and ‘work from sea’


The average price of a pint in the UK is £4.20.

It comes as a pub is selling the “cheapest pints” in the UK for as little as £2.30 – almost half the average cost.

The Waggon and Horses in Oldbury, West Midlands, is flogging all beers, ciders and ales for £2.90 and under to encourage punters to drink in traditional local boozers.

Although other places have previously slashed the cost of one or two brands to lower, customers reckon nowhere can be beaten on price for their entire drinks selection.

The old-fashioned Black Country pub said it wanted to “give back” to locals with bargain beer while many people struggle during the cost of living crisis.

A pint of Stella will now set you back just £2.80, while Carling, Coors and John Smiths is £2.40 and a pint of Thatcher’s Gold is £2.30.

The average cost of a pint in the UK is now over £4 for the first time – at £4.58, compared to £2.30 in 2008 during the last recession.

Nigeria was found to have the cheapest pint


Nigeria was found to have the cheapest pintCredit: Getty
The UAE is home to the world's most expensive pint


The UAE is home to the world’s most expensive pintCredit: Getty
A pint in china can cost just 76p


A pint in china can cost just 76pCredit: Getty

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