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‘Cassandro’ Sneak Peek — Bad Bunny Flirts With Gael García Bernal

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The Big Picture

  • Prime Video’s upcoming film Cassandro tells the true story of a gay wrestler’s unique experiences in and out of the ring, adding drama to his journey.
  • The film explores the significance of wrestling masks as symbols of identity for wrestlers, with the main character choosing not to wear one.
  • Cassandro’s storyline focuses on the protagonist’s struggle to balance his wrestling career and personal life, and the potential for personal and professional growth.

Prime Video is preparing to launch their new film about a wrestler with big dreams, and an even bigger heart. In order to create hype for Cassandro, the streaming platform has released a new clip featuring the titular character (Gael García Bernal) flirting with Felipe (Bad Bunny) while discussing their experience with wrestling masks. The drama movie will actually be based on a true story, adapting the life of the real Cassandro, who had a unique experience within the industry because of his identity as a gay man. The film will place his life on the small screen, heightening the drama the wrestler went through in and outside the ring.

As seen in other movies about the culture of wrestling, such as Nacho Libre, masks are a very important part of a wrestler’s identity, representing their character and legacy when they’re inside the ring. But the conversation between the main characters of Cassandro deals with the fact that the titular star doesn’t wear one, much to the surprise of Felipe. While they’re debating whether a mask is essential to any wrestler’s wardrobe or not, the clip concludes with Cassandro stating that he would like to kiss Felipe, setting the stage for their eventual romantic encounter.

Going back to how the concept of a person’s identity can find itself intertwined with how they present themselves in the ring, Cassandro will balance the main character’s emotions regarding his career, with the ones he feels in his personal life. While wrestling in both the United States and in Mexico, Cassandro will receive the suggestion of changing his generic character into something that reflects who he is in the real world. Hopefully, the change in style can be enough for him to find the success he desires as a performer, and the happiness he’s looking for when it comes to his private life.

Gael Garcia Bernal in 'Cassandro'
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Heroes Outside of the Ring

Before they decided they would appear in the upcoming movie about a persistent wrestler, both Bad Bunny and Gael García Bernal found themselves attached to projects based on Marvel Comics. García Bernal starred in last year’s Werewolf By Night as Jack Russell, the man with the ability of turning into a giant wolf under special circumstances. On the other hand, Bad Bunny signed a contract to star as El Muerto, a Spider-Man villain who also used to be a wrestler. The famous singer’s love for the squared circle has been present over the course of his entire career, with him also making appearances at wrestling events attended by millions of people. This fall, Bad Bunny will fly from the top rope one more time.

You can check out the official clip from Cassandro below, before the movie premieres on Prime Video on September 22:

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