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Canadian govt allocates $40 million in search for indigenous women


NEW DELHI: The Canadian federal government and Manitoba provincial government have agreed to jointly allocate $20 million Canadian each for a search operation in Prairie Green landfill to find the remains of two indigenous women, reports The Fox News.
Four women, Harris, Myran, Rebecca Contois, and an unnamed Indigenous woman known as Buffalo Woman were murdered by Jeremy Skibicki. Remains of Rebecca Contois were discovered in a different landfill and no remains of Buffalo woman have been found yet
The landfill is situated north of Winnipeg, where Morgan Harris and Marcedes Myran are believed to have been buried.
Despite initial police reluctance in 2022 due to safety concerns and the scale of the landfill, an Indigenous-led committee conducted feasibility studies estimating the search to cost $90 million Canadian if completed within a year.
Cambria Harris, Morgan Harris’ daughter, expressed gratitude towards Manitoba premier Wab Kinew for the commitment to search her mother’s remains.
Prime Minister Justin Trudeau has emphasized the historical negligence towards missing indigenous women in Canada.
“We don’t want to go back and back again to ask that this work be complete,″ Grand Chief Cathy Merrick said.

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