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Cain Velasquez Attempted Murder Trial Scheduled for Sept. 9


UFC heavyweight champion Cain
Velasquez will go to trial in September.

Judge Elizabeth C. Peterson set the trial date for Sept. 9 during a
hearing on Wednesday in Santa Clara County (Calif.) court.
Velasquez, who was in attendance at the hearing, is facing a number
of charges, including attempted murder.

Velasquez’s attorney, Renee Hessling, requested another continuance
due to incomplete subpoena evidence for the defense. However,
prosecutor Aaron French argued against that request, and Peterson
ultimately elected to set the trial date for September.

Several other key dates have also been scheduled. A trial readiness
hearing is scheduled for June 26, and motions must be filed by Aug.
12 and completed by Aug. 26. Meanwhile, witness lists for the
defense and prosecution must be filed by Sept. 4.

Velasquez is facing attempted murder and other charges after
allegedy chasing and shooting at Harry Goularte, who has been
accused of molesting Velasquez’s young son, in March 2022. During a
high-speed chase, Velasquez fired at the vehicle containing
Goularte and allegedly hit and injured his stepfather, Paul Bender.
Velasquez has pleaded not guilty to the charges. If found guilty,
he faces 20 years to life in prison.

Velasquez was released on released on $1 million bail in November
after spending eight months in a holding facility. He remains under
GPS surveillance and cannot leave his home without the court’s
permission. Since his release, Velasquez has cornered teammates at
UFC and Bellator cards and traveled for professional wrestling

Goularte, who is also out on bail, faces a felony charge of lewd
acts with a child and is awaiting his trial setting hearing in

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