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Budanov asks Canada to hand over 83,000 decommissioned rockets


Kyrylo Budanov, the chief of Ukraine’s military intelligence (HUR), hopes that Canada could hand over to Ukraine tens of thousands of rockets that are awaiting demolition at one of the country’s military bases.

More than 83,000 CRV7 ground attack rockets are warehoused at Canadian Forces Ammunition Depot Dundurn, south of Saskatoon. Canada no longer has any use for them, and has selected a private contractor to demolish the rockets.

Speaking with the Global News outlet, Budanov said donating the rockets will help Ukraine fend off Russian forces and save Canadian taxpayers the cost of destroying them.

The CRV7s would be deployed in Ukrainian attack helicopters and ground launchers to target Russian tanks and artillery, according to the intelligence chief. Ukraine has engaged in discussions with Canada on this matter but is still awaiting a decision.

Canada’s opposition Conservative Party has asked the government to send decommissioned rockets to Ukraine instead of destroying them, according to the CBC report on Feb. 2. Canada’s Department of National Defense has confirmed that the donation is under consideration.

Canadian officials mentioned they were examining the request but raised concerns about the age of the CRV7s, suggesting they could have become unstable over the decades, posing risks during handling and transportation.

Experts who talked to the Global News pointed out that rocket propellant has a finite lifespan and may become unstable after many years. However, given that CRV7s use solid fuel, they might still be considered safe if stored correctly and not exposed to moisture or contamination.

The Canadian government has committed more than $1.7 billion in military assistance to Ukraine since Russia’s full-scale invasion on Feb. 24 2022, which includes missiles as well as ammunition for small arms, artillery and battle tanks.

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