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Boxing Results: Jordan “The Thrill” Gill Stopped By Zelfa “Brown Flash” Barrett!


At Manchester Arena, Manchester, Lancashire, UK, Saturday over DAZN promoter Eddie Hearn (Matchroom Boxing), presented in the Main Event WBA International Super Featherweight champion Jordan “The Thrill” Gill was stopped in the tenth round being dropped twice by WBA Continental champion Zelfa “Brown Flash” Brown.

In the co-feature IBF World champ Ellie Scotney unified easily defeating WBO champ Segolene “Majestic” Lefebvre over ten rounds.

In the Main Event former Commonwealth and European and current WBA Int’l Super Feather champ Jordan “The Thrill” Gill, 28-3-1 (9), #129.5, of Chatteris, UK, was stopped by former Commonwealth and European champ and current WBA Cont’l champ Zelfa “Brown Flash” Brown, 31-2 (17), #129.6, of Manchester, UK, at 2:44 of the tenth round of a scheduled 12 rounds.

In the first two rounds Barrett moved around the ring with Gill chasing landing what little was landed. In the third round after a minute Barrett finally landed some effective punches taking the round. In the fourth round the faster a hand and foot Barrett proved to be too elusive for the most part for Gill.

In the fifth round and sixth rounds Gill finally got throw the defense of Barrett for the most part. In the corner after the sixth round they worked on Gill’s badly bruised left side of his face. In the seventh round Barrett dominated Gill even when standing in front of him. In the eighth round Gill came back well to take the round.

In the tenth round Barrett dropped Gill with body shots on two occasions before. Barrett had Gill busted up to the point Referee John Latham called a halt.

In the co-feature IBF World Super Bantam champ Ellie Scotney, 9-0 (0), #121.8, of Catford, London, UK, easily defeated Segolene “Majestic” Lefebvre, 18-1 (1), #119.3, of Douai, Nord, FR, WBO Super Bantam, to unify the titles after 10×2 rounds.

After dropping the first round Lefebvre landed almost every punch she threw with Scotney not moving her head. In the third through the sixth rounds Scotney came back well making it a brawl not a boxing match, not allowing Lefebvre to use her reach advantage.

In the seventh round Scotney rocked Lefebvre on several occasions with punches to the chin. In the eighth rounds halfway point Lefebvre finally landed effective punches.

In the ninth round Lefebvre looked exhausted losing another round. In the tenth and final round Lefebvre used uppercuts while Scotney got away with pulling her head down without warning from referee Michael Alexander making it a brawl in a close round with Scotney a winner.

Scores 99-91, 97-93, 96-94, 98-92 KH.

EBU and Commonwealth champ southpaw Rhiannon Dixon, 10-0 (1), #134.5, of Warrington, UK, defeated South American super feather champ Karen “Burbuja” Carabajal, 22-2 (3), #134.5 of Bueno Aires, ARG, over 10 rounds for vacant WBO World Light title, scoring the lone knockdown.

After taking the first two rounds Dixon in the third round and Carabajal clashed heads causing a cut on the right eyelid of Carabajal. Halfway through the round Dixon dropped Carabajal with a left to the body for an 8-count from Referee Howard Foster.

Early in the round a Carabajal left hook to the body hurt Dixon.
From the fourth through the seventh rounds Carabajal had an edge stalking while Dixon countered. In the eighth and ninth rounds, Dixon out-landed Carabajal. In the tenth and final round Dixon had an edge.

Scores 98-91, 97-92, 96-93 as did KH.

English Super Feather champ Michael Gomez, Jr., 21-1 (6), #129.1, of Manchester, UK, stopped Kane Baker, 19-11-2 (1), #129.4, of Birmingham, UK, at 0:36 of the sixth round of a scheduled 10 rounds, in a war!

In the first round Gomez started fast up until the halfway point when Baker took over. In the second round the action continued with both having their turns scoring well.

Baker again too the round. In the third round they continued throwing punches in bunches. A clash of heads caused a cut on the right eyebrow of Gomez. As the round went on it was Gomez taking over for the most part.

In the fourth round the war continued Gomez had a slight edge at the end. In the fifth round a fight worthy of main event in action with Referee Mark Lyson warning Baker for hitting behind the head on several occasions. Gomez works the head and Baker the body for the most part. Gomez uses a jab more than Baker who has Gomez against the ropes more.

Half a minute into the sixth after landing a good combination suddenly Gomez landed four right uppercuts on the chin of Baker who was half bent over and down went Baker forcing referee Lyson to wave it off. There was little to judge who was ahead after five rounds. You could throw the records out with both having their way, Baker the first couple of rounds and Gomez after that for the most part.

Southpaw Jimmy Sains, 4-0 (4), #162.3, of Harold Wood, London, UK, stopped Mateusz Kalecki, 2-2 (1), #161.6, of Brzezno, POL, at 2:47 of the fourth round of a scheduled 6 rounds.

In the first round with a little over a minute remaining a clash of heads caused a cut over the left eye of Kalecki. In the fourth round Sains landed half a dozen punches without return. Kalecki was bleeding bad when Sains rocked Kalecki with a right on the chin forcing Referee Steve Gray to call a halt.

Southpaw Super Welter William Crolla, 5-0 (4), 154.1 of Manchester, UK, knocked out Fabio Cascone, 4-10 (1), #152.9, of Latina, Lazio, IT, at 1:11 of the first round of a scheduled 6 rounds.

In the first round Crolla switched from southpaw to orthodox landing a left to the body and on the way down a left to the head by Crolla and down went Cascone for the count from Referee Mark Lyson.

Feather Brandon Scott, 7-0 (1), #125, of Swansea, Wales, UK, defeated Rodrigo “Pinino” Matias Areco, 5-6-2 (0), #125.8, of Marcos Paz, Bueno Aires, ARG, over 6 rounds.

In the first three rounds Scott dominated. In the fifth and sixth Areco came back to win both rounds.

Referee Steve Gray scored 58-56

Light 3-time national champion Jordan Flynn, 10-0-1 (1), #134.3, of Oxford, UK, easily defeated late sub Tampela Maharusi, 10-5-4 (5), #134.5, of Dar-Es-Salaam, TANZ, over 6 lackluster rounds.

In the first round both feeling each other out for half a round until Maharusi landed a solid overhand right on the chin of Flynn. Flynn used an effective jab after that. In the third round warned for the third time Referee Steve Gray took a point from Maharusi.

In the fourth and fifth rounds it was all Flynn with Maharusi doing little in return. In the sixth and final round Maharusi would only fight in spurts while Gomez did what he had to do to win another round over last sub Maharusi.

Score 59-54 by referee Gray.

Middle Stephen Clarke 2-0 (1), #161.5, of Liverpool, UK, easily defeated Jensen Irving, 4-10 (0), #163.1, of Swindon, UK, over 4 rounds, scoring a knockdown.

In the first round it was all Clarke. In the second round a right uppercut from Clarke on the left eye dropped Irving who kept rubbing his eye after the 8-count from Referee Mark Lyson. In the third round it was all Clarke. In the fourth and final round it was all

Clarke with Irving just trying to survive.

Score 40-35 by referee Lyson.

Super Fly Jack “El Terrier” Turner, 6-0 (6), #117.6, of Liverpool, UK, Dubai, UAE, stopped Abdul Kesi Ngaoma, 7-6-1 (6), #116.1, of Dar-Es-Salaam, TANZ, at 1:14 of the first round of a scheduled 6 rounds.

In the first round Turner after half a minute landed a right on the chin dropping Ngaoma down for an 8-count from Referee Mark Lyson. Halfway through the round a left on the chin from Turner on the chin drove Ngaoma across the ring and down for another 8-count from referee Lyson who called a halt after getting up.

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