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‘Bottoms’ Domestic Box Office Nears a Promising Milestone

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The Big Picture

  • Bottoms, directed by Emma Seligman, is a satirical teen comedy that is gaining popularity among younger moviegoers as it nears the $10 million mark at the domestic box office.
  • The film follows the story of two lesbian high school best friends, Josie and PJ, who start a high school fight club to impress their crushes, but things quickly spiral out of control.
  • The box office has cooled down recently, with Bottoms’ performance reflecting the trend.

Bottoms is continuing to make its mark at the box office. The satirical teen comedy, directed by Shiva Baby director Emma Seligman, is poised to become a favorite among younger moviegoers as it nears the $10 million mark at the domestic box office this weekend. Bottoms grossed an additional $1.2 million on its fourth box office weekend, down 41% from last weekend. This weekend’s box office brings the film to $9.87 million at the United States box office, as it nears its $11.3 million budget.

The comedy stars indie movie darling Rachel Sennott, who previously starred in the 2020 film Shiva Baby and the A24’s comedy horror Bodies, Bodies, Bodies. Along with Sennott, the film also stars Ayo Edebiri, who voices April O’Neil in Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: Mutant Mayhem and is set to appear in 2024’s Thunderbolts in an undisclosed role

Edebiri and Sennott play Josie and PJ, two lesbian high school best friends who are both virgins. In Bottoms, Josie has a crush on Isabel, played by Havana Rose Liu, a popular cheerleader, while PJ carries a flame for Isabel’s friend Brittany, played by Kaia Gerber. Hoping to impress their crushes, the two hopeless high schoolers start a high school fight club in the hopes of losing their virginity. However, the two find that their scheme has spun out of their control, turning their high school into chaos.

Rachel Sennott and Ayo Edebiri in Bottoms
Image via Orion 

Bottoms mellow box office performance is in line with a box office that has, in recent weeks, cooled down substantially from its Barbenheimer summer heights. This weekend, The Nun II managed to scare its way to the top of a narrow box office win. The horror sequel brought in an estimated $14.7 million at its second weekend, just surpassing Agatha Christie adaptation A Haunting in Venice, which scraped in $14.5 million on its opening weekend.

The relatively mild weekend box office may portend a larger freeze at the end of year box office, as many films have been delayed due to the ongoing SAG-AFTRA and WGA strikes. Bottoms was written by both Seligman and Sennott. The film was produced by Elizabeth Banks, Max Handelman, and Alison Small. Along with Sennott, Edebiri, Liu, and Gerber, the film also stars Ruby Cruz and Nicholas Galitzine.

Bottoms is currently playing in theaters. No streaming date has yet been set for the film. But if you left the theaters wanting more Bottoms, you can always check out these films.

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