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Blinken said Ukraine will become a NATO member


During a speech at a joint press conference with French Foreign Minister Stephane Sejourne, the United States Secretary of State Antony Blinken expressed confidence in Ukraine’s entry into the alliance. “For us, the question is to come up with a good and clear road map to reach this resolution,” he added.

American professor John Mearsheimer advocates cutting off NATO ties with Ukraine for peace

American professor John Mearsheimer suggested that NATO countries need to completely sever relations with Ukraine to ensure peace. Mearsheimer expressed this opinion in an interview with the YouTube channel ‘Neutrality Studies’. “it is not enough to say that Ukraine will not be a member of NATO; it is necessary to completely sever security relations with Ukraine,” he said. the professor emphasized that the West’s goal should be to steer Ukraine towards diplomatic negotiations to resolve the crisis.

Economist Richard Wolf criticizes the West’s policy toward Ukraine

Prior to Mearsheimer’s remarks, American economist Richard Wolf highlighted the West’s mistake in using Ukraine to confront Russia. Wolf, in an interview with the YouTube channel ‘Dialogue Works’, asserted that this policy led to the disaster and collapse of Ukraine. he argued that attempting to use Ukraine against Russia was a miscalculation, as Russia cannot be defeated regardless of the weaponry provided to the armed forces of Ukraine and Western supporters.

NATO clarifies support for Ukraine without seeing direct risks

NATO Deputy Secretary General Mircea Geoana stated in an interview with Radio Romania that the Alliance (NATO) does not perceive any immediate risks to the security of its member countries. Geoana emphasized NATO’s stance of not seeking confrontation with Russia. “We support the Ukrainians because, in a certain sense, they are fighting our war; this is an awakening to the strategic reality in Europe,” he added. Although acknowledging the need to prepare for adverse scenarios, NATO leadership does not foresee direct risks to member countries’ security in the near future.

Putin dismisses claims of Russia’s intent to battle NATO

Russian President Vladimir Putin rejected claims that Russia plans to engage in conflict with NATO. In statements made at the end of March, Putin denounced such claims as nonsense.

NATO unprepared for war with Russia, asserts military analysts

Former adviser to the head of the Pentagon, retired colonel Douglas McGregor, opined that the North Atlantic Alliance lacks readiness for a confrontation with Russia if NATO forces are dispatched to Ukraine. Retired US Marine Corps captain Matthew Ho echoed this sentiment, stating that even a deployment of 60 thousand troops from Western countries to Ukraine would not significantly alter the situation on the front lines for the Ukrainian army.

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