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‘Black Phone’ Funko Pops Resurrect The Grabber for Halloween

by smbpapon22P

The 2022 horror thriller also recently came to 4K.

One of the best horror movies of last year was The Black Phone from director Scott Derrickson. The dreadful abduction film was based on the short story by Joe Hill and released to a ton of critical acclaim. Now, just in time for Halloween, “The Grabber” has returned in the form of chilling Funko Pops.

The new Pop collection includes four different versions of The Grabber who was played brilliantly by Ethan Hawke in the film.

First, there’s this now famous killer wearing just the bottom part of his mask while sporting his red-framed glasses, white face paint, and chilling black top hat. The Chase version of this figure is The Grabber with his complete white devil mask and all-black attire. The next Grabber is covered in blood with an ax in his hand, and he’s wearing only the top part of his mask. The final Pop might be the coolest of them all as it has The Grabber drenched in blood. This mimics the film’s stunning poster that had the killer in that same deadly pose — this Pop will be a Funko Shop exclusive.

‘The Black Phone’ Modern Horror Classic

When it was released in the summer of 2022, few horror fans could have predicted The Black Phone taking the genre by the neck. However, that’s exactly what The Grabber did. With Derrickson’s horrific vision behind it, Black Phone was this incredibly unsettling 1970s abduction story that centered around two amazing performances from its youngest stars. Mason Thames and Madeleine McGraw made for an emotionally gripping sibling pair with Hawke giving one of the darkest performances of his career. Derrickson’s no stranger to horror as 2012’s Sinister is one of the best ghost stories of the 2010s, but the director once again showed that he’s the master of unbearably thick atmosphere. With the film making over $161 million worldwide, Black Phone is destined to become a modern classic. Also, a recent connection in V/H/S 85, a film in which Derrickson co-directed, makes it exciting to see what the future holds for Black Phone.

Where’s ‘Black Phone’ Streaming?

The Black Phone is currently streaming on Peacock, but the film also recently released on 4K Blu-ray for the first time. Before you dare to watch The Grabber’s blood-soaked madness unfold, you can pre-order Black Phone’s Funko Pop collection now.

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