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‘BioShock’ Movie Writer Gives an Update About Live-Action Adaptation

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The Big Picture

  • The highly anticipated film adaptation of the video game BioShock is still in progress after being delayed by the WGA strike, according to writer Michael Green.
  • Green has been working closely with director Francis Lawrence to refine the script, and they are optimistic about the project.
  • Netflix has been supportive of the film and remains excited about its development, even after the strike. Stay tuned for updates on this sprawling and visually stunning nightmare world.

With the recent success of video game adaptations in the past few years — breaking that curse of poor game-to-screen conversions — the fervor for more well-known IPs has become amplified. One such game headed for our screens is BioShock, and its writer Michael Green has given Collider an update on the status of the project. Last year, director Francis Lawrence confirmed to Collider’s Steve Weintraub, that Green would be penning the film and, although the process has been held up by the WGA strike, there has now been an update on the movie’s development from Green himself.

Speaking with Collider’s Nate Richard to promote his upcoming project Blue Eye Samurai — an animated original series for Netflix billed as a classic Samurai tale following a sword master of mixed race who seeks vengeance against her mother’s killers — Green shared an update on the eagerly awaited videogame adaptation. While he couldn’t reveal a ton, he shared a progress report, confirming it’s still on the way following the WGA strike.

“You have to measure your words, or you’ll start to see a laser pointer at my forehead from the Netflix legal. Netflix has been amazing about it. They were excited about it before the strike, they’re excited about it now, post-strike. Yes, I got called, the, ‘How’s it coming along?’ the minute the strike was over, ‘You about ready…?’ Been meeting regularly with Francis Lawrence and his team to refine a draft to go back in. We’re all optimistic. We all love it. It’s a great big sprawling nightmare world we wanna see real. So, here’s hoping. I would love to have an update for you soon.”

What’s ‘BioShock’ About?

A screenshot of BioShock
Image via 2K Games

BioShock was released in 2007 and was met with immediate critical acclaim. The game is set in an alternate history in the 1960s. The narrative unfolds in the visually stunning underwater city of Rapture, which was a once-utopian society until a catastrophic collapse, the events of which unfold as the player’s story unravels. Rapture was built in the 1940s by an industrialist named Andrew Ryan as a libertarian, objectivist utopia where scientists, artists, and entrepreneurs could thrive without the constraints of government or morality. It’s a city hidden beneath the ocean’s surface.

The game was commended for its morality choices, the consequences the player’s decisions have on the narrative, the graphic design and atmosphere of the fallen Rapture, as well as questions of ethics and philosophy. It spawned a number of sequels, and the franchise was a massive financial success.

Check out the trailer for BioShock: The Collection below for a look at everything the series has to offer. Stay tuned at Collider for the rest of Richard’s conversation with Green and Amber Noizumi for Blue Eye Samurai.

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