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Biden confuses Macron with dead French prez


WASHINGTON: US President Biden confused his French counterpart Emmanuel Macron with France’s long-dead former leader Francois Mitterrand, in a speech that went viral in video footage on Monday.
Addressing a campaign event in Las Vegas on Sunday, the 81-year-old US leader described Macron’s reaction to a speech at a G7 meeting in 2020. As well as getting Macron’s name wrong, he misstated the country he leads.”And Mitterrand – Macron, from Germany- I mean, from France looked at me and said, said ‘You know, what- why – how long you back for?” Biden said. Mitterrand was French president from 1981 to 1995, and died in 1996. Video of Biden’s mix-up has been viewed thousands of times on X.
Biden has made similar public mistakes in the past, notably in Sept 2022 when he called on a deceased congresswoman at a conference she helped organise. “Jackie, are you here? Where’s Jackie? I think she was going to be here,” he said, referring to Indiana representative Jackie Walorski, who had died a month earlier. And in April last year, a White House transcript corrected Biden when he confused New Zealand’s All Blacks rugby team with the Black and Tans, a British military force notorious for its involvement in Irish War of Independence.
Biden’s probable opponent in the Nov presidential election, Donald Trump, made a similar gaffe last month, confusing his party rival Nikki Haley with former House speaker Nancy Pelosi. afp

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