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Benavidez Blazes: “Easy Knockout” Taunts Munguía After Ryder KO


David Benavidez took to social media to taunt Jaime Munguia in his moment of glory after his ninth-round TKO win over John Ryder, saying he would be an “easy knockout” to him if they were to fight. Most fans would agree with that comment.

Benavidez then said that the unbeaten Munguia (43-0, 34 KOs) had “ducked me,” which many boxing fans believe was the case.

Ideally, fighting Benavidez should be the condition for Munguia to get the world title shot against Canelo Alvarez because the 35-year-old Ryder and the 38-year-old Sergiy Derevyanchenko before that isn’t enough.

That’s a backdoor route to getting a title shot against undisputed super middleweight champion Canelo, isn’t it? Munguia has fought two old guys, and now he’s crowing about it like he did something special.

‘Mexican Monster’ Off The Leash

“This is an easy knockout. That’s why they [Munguía] ducked me,” said ‘The Mexican Monster’ Benavidez on social.

#1 WBO and #2 WBC could have fought Benavidez (28-0, 24 KOs) for his WBC interim super middleweight title but opted for a clash against the 35-year-old Ryder (32-7, 18 KOs), who was coming off a lopsided twelve round unanimous decision defeat against undisputed 168-lb champion on May 6th of last year.

Benavidez’s remark about Munguia having ducked him really hits home because it’s pretty obvious that he took the easy road, fighting Ryder and Derevyanchenko.

Walk the Gauntlet or Run for Cover?

To get the opportunity to get the riches from a fight with Canelo, Munguia should at least take one dangerous opponent for once in his life because right now, he’s done nothing to deserve that payday. If Munguia wants to fight Canelo, he should fight one of these two killers:

  • David Benavidez
  • David Morrell Jr.

Is that asking too much of Munguia? If he wants that mega-million payday against Canelo, he should walk the gauntlet and fight Benavidez and/or Morrell. If Munguia makes it through the punishing ordeal, he can get the Canelo dough that he’s been pushing for so many years.

The Gettysburg Test

If Munguia runs from the battlefield, avoiding the fights, he doesn’t deserve the shot at Canelo. What kind of trooper is Munguia? If he was at Gettysburg in the Civil War in July 1863, would he throw down his rifle and refuse to fight, or would he stay in there until the bitter end?

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