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Belarusian secret police ramps up pressure on Ukrainians in Belarus


Over the past month, the Belarusian secret police (KGB) has begun increasingly targeting Ukrainians living in the country, Ukraine’s National Resistance Center reported on Feb. 7.

While not entering into an open war with Kyiv, Belarus has been helping Russia in the war against Ukraine since the full-scale invasion, in particular by deploying Russian equipment and troops on its territory. The country’s dictator, Alexander Lukashenko, said in 2022 that he “fully supports Russia’s attack on Ukraine.”

The Belarusian police are summoning Ukrainians for interrogations more often, as well as increasing the number of searches of Ukrainians, according to the center. The Kyiv Independent could not immediately verify this information.

The KGB reportedly exerts pressure on Ukrainians living in the country and persuades them to cooperate with the pro-Kremlin regime.

According to the center, “Such actions once again indicate the complicity of the Minsk regime in this war against Ukraine.”

Alexander Lukashenko’s regime regularly targets those who have voiced opposition to his rule or openly hold pro-democracy views.

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