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‘Barbie’s Global Box Office Is Still Dominating the World

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The Big Picture

  • Barbie‘s success at the box office demonstrates the power of movies about women, bolstered by a talented female-led cast and Margot Robbie’s brilliant performance.
  • The film offers a fresh and original perspective on the iconic doll, going beyond her perfect appearance to explore themes of girlhood and personal growth.
  • With a heartfelt monologue from America Ferrera, Ryan Gosling’s entertaining portrayal of Ken, and stellar performances all around, Barbie is a movie that audiences will enjoy seeing repeatedly.

Barbie has continued to take box office numbers by storm. The Greta Gerwig-directed film, which she also co-wrote with her partner Noah Baumbach, has become a record-breaking release for Warner Brothers. In fact, in recent weeks, Barbie toppled Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows to become Warner Bros. highest-grossing release in the studio’s 100-year history. On top of that, Barbie has also become the biggest film of 2023 globally, passing Illumination’s animated mega-hit, The Super Mario Bros. Movie.

In its seventh week in theaters, Barbie has brought in an estimated $13.2 million on 8,952 screens in 75 international territories. Over last weekend, there was only a -33% drop for our favorite doll, with strong holdovers in Spain (-11%), the UK (-12%), France (-22%), Italy (-29%), Germany (-31%) and Holland (-33%). The first half of the holiday weekend brings Barbie‘s incredible international total to $771.5 million, with a global total of $1.381 billion.

The success of Barbie’s box office shows not only the appeal of Barbie as a brand but also what happens when we embrace the power of movies about women. Aided by a stacked, female-led cast and the brilliance of Margot Robbie‘s performance as Barbie herself, Gerwig’s masterpiece continues to bring in big numbers. The film will likely see another major boost later this month when it comes to IMAX on September 22.

Barbie and Ken Wearing White Hats in Barbie
Image via Warner Bros.

What Makes ‘Barbie’ Such a Box Office Powerhouse?

Gerwig’s Barbie delivers a very original look at a doll that has meant the world to fans for decades. Robbie’s performance goes far beyond the plastic woman with perfect skin and an impeccable wardrobe. Barbie‘s exploration of girlhood, combined with America Ferrera‘s heartwrenching monologue, Ryan Gosling‘s brilliant run as Ken — including his epic “I’m Just Ken” musical number — and endlessly entertaining and genuine performances across the board make Barbie a movie worth seeing over and over.

Barbie is currently playing in theaters worldwide, and she’ll make her IMAX debut on September 22 with a new end credits scene. Check out our interview with Gerwig, and stay tuned at Collider for future box office updates.

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