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‘Avatar 4’ – Stephen Lang Celebrates Filming Start With Set Photo


The sequel is currently slated to premiere in December 2029.

The Big Picture

  • Star Stephen Lang has shared behind-the-scenes photo of Avatar 4, hinting at the extraordinary journey ahead for the Avatar franchise.
  • Avatar 4, along with two other upcoming sequels, promises to redefine blockbuster storytelling.
  • Major changes in Avatar 3, including a new narrator and the introduction of new Na’vi clans, add intrigue to the evolving storyline.

As the anticipation for

Avatar 4
reaches a fever pitch, star

Stephen Lang
treats fans to an enticing glimpse behind the scenes,

sharing an image from set
to celebrate the commencement of production on the highly awaited sequel. The original

, crafted by the visionary

James Cameron
and released in 2009, left a major mark on cinema history with its groundbreaking graphics and immersive storytelling. The alien realm of Pandora became a cinematic marvel, propelling the film to become the

highest-grossing movie of all time
. Now, as the saga continues, Lang is reprising his role as the ruthless Quaritch and has shared a behind-the-scenes photo of

Avatar 4
. The actor is clad in his motion capture suit, hinting at the extraordinary journey that lies ahead.Lang’s return as a Na’vi version of his character in

Avatar: The Way of Water
introduced a compelling twist, setting the stage for a redemption arc in the intensifying conflict between humans and the Na’vi. His recent Instagram caption, “Deja Blu all over again,” sparks curiosity and excitement, amplifying the intrigue surrounding the unfolding narrative. Lang’s post seemingly confirms what fellow co-star

Sam Worthington recently shared
about the film’s production gearing back up early this year. According to Cameron,

Avatar 4 will feature some kind of major plot development with big ramifications for the franchise
. This cryptic hint only adds to the excitement, ensuring that

Avatar 4
promises to be not just a sequel, but a transformative chapter in the epic cinematic journey.

After the wild success of Avatar: The Way of Water, it’s no surprise that the story is turning into a major blockbuster. Fueled by the triumph of the latest installment, Cameron is propelled to take the narrative forward with not one, but three upcoming Avatar sequels — each promising to redefine blockbuster storytelling. While Avatar 3 initially set its sights on a December 2024 release, the grand spectacle has now been postponed to grace the screens on 19 December 2025, teasing a cinematic event that’s worth the wait.

When Will ‘Avatar 4’ Be Released?

As the anticipation builds, Avatar 4 is poised to release on 21 December 2029, three years beyond its original schedule of 18 December 2026. The journey into the new decade continues with Avatar 5, set to captivate audiences on 19 December 2031, a strategic shift from its initial release date of 22 December 2028. Until then, Cameron has dropped a few glimpses into what’s to come for the franchise — including some major changes. For example, Avatar 3 will introduce a fresh perspective with Britain Dalton‘s Lo’ak taking on the role of narrator, breaking away from the tradition set by Jake Sully (Worthington) in the first two films.

The promise of new Na’vi clans and Pandoran biomes teased by Cameron and producer Jon Landau adds an intriguing layer to the evolving storyline. With the revelation that the Avatar 4 script surprised executives and plans to “go nuts,” audiences are in for a wild ride, brimming with unexpected twists and cinematic marvels. Prepare for a cinematic journey that transcends expectations and ushers in a new era of Avatar magic. Starting with Lang’s behind-the-scenes look below:


Avatar The Way of Water Poster

Avatar 2: The Way of Water

Release Date
December 16, 2022

James Cameron

190 minutes

Main Genre

Rick Jaffa , James Cameron , Amanda Silver

Avatar (Movies)

Story By
James Cameron

Avatar 3

Avatar (2009)

Russell Carpenter

James Cameron, Jon Landau

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