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Another FSB agent unmasked after installing surveillance cameras near Mykolaiv seaport


Ukraine’s SBU security service exposed an agent of Russia’s Federal Security Service (FSB) in Mykolaiv, who was gathering information about the Ukrainian military near the Black Sea, the SBU reported on Telegram.

He collected data on Ukrainian naval ships and vessels of the merchant fleet that export agricultural products.

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The person involved installed several webcams at technological facilities near the local port, which were supposed to broadcast sea and river traffic online. The Russians were to have remote access to these devices.

The man was caught red-handed while he was installing another webcam with a view of the river area.

His other task was to identify ground facilities of the Defense Forces, including military hospitals, training centers and checkpoints, according to the investigation.

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The Russian agent turned out to be an employee of a local company, and was recruited by the FSB of the Russian Federation at the end of 2023 “thanks to” his activity in pro-Kremlin Telegram channels, where he endorsed armed aggression against Ukraine.

A mobile phone, tools for installing video cameras, and their containers were seized during the search.

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<span class="copyright">СБУ/Telegram</span>


SBU investigators informed him of the suspicion of treason committed under martial law and he faces life in prison.

Russia has long been targeting the port infrastructure of Ukraine with drones and missiles.

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Such strikes are aimed at establishing control over the Black Sea, terrorizing civilians, and blocking the work of ports that are under the control of Ukraine, the head of the Joint Press center of the Southern Operational Command, Natalia Humeniuk, said.

Russia also continues to threaten ships that try to enter Ukrainian ports in order to convince international partners that they are dangerous to operate.

Russia launched a massive missile attack on Ukraine on Feb. 7. One person was killed, residential buildings were damaged, about 20 of which were left roofless.

Russian troops attacked Mykolaiv region four times with Iskander-M and S-300 ballistic missiles on January 31. The infrastructure object and the power supply network were damaged as a result of the attack. More than 400 consumers remained without electricity, restoration work is ongoing.

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