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Americans rally for congressional term limits, experts weigh pros and cons


Americans rally for congressional term limits, experts weigh pros and cons

The call for term limits for members of Congress resonates across the nation, with a recent Pew Research Center survey revealing a staggering 87% support for the idea, reported WTSP. Even political figures like Gov. Ron DeSantis endorse the concept, emphasizing its bipartisan appeal in a video shared on his campaign platform.
DeSantis, a potential presidential candidate, expressed his commitment to lead efforts for term limits, but the practicality of such a change is called into question.The U.S. Supreme Court, in a 1995 ruling, declared that establishing term limits for D.C. representatives would necessitate a constitutional amendment, making it a complex and challenging endeavor.
Constitutional law professor Louis Virelli from Stetson College of Law suggests an alternative route through Article Five of the Constitution. This avenue involves states calling for a new convention to amend the constitution, bypassing the need for a two-thirds vote from congressional lawmakers. However, Virelli acknowledges the lack of clear legal authority regarding the process.
U.S. Term Limits, an organization advocating for congressional term limits, reports that six states, including Florida, have submitted applications to be part of the push for term limits. While the constitutional amendment route faces obstacles, the idea of term limits enjoys broad support, with figures like former President Donald Trump, Nikki Haley, and Vivek Ramaswamy expressing their endorsement in the past.
Political analyst Lars Hafner notes that term limits are often used as election messaging despite the constitutional challenges. Voters are reminded that they hold the ultimate power to influence elections every two years.
Currently, 16 states, including Florida, have implemented term limits for their state legislators. However, experts caution against potential downsides, such as a decline in institutional memory and an increase in lobbying power. Virelli suggests that reforming voting and eliminating gerrymandering could achieve similar effects as term limits.
As the debate over term limits continues, Americans grapple with the complexities of constitutional change and the potential impact on the democratic process.

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