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2024 United States primary elections – Trump’s first defeat – Haley wins in Washington


Washington, USA – In a stunning twist of events, former US President and leading contender for the Republican presidential nomination, Donald Trump, experienced a setback in the party primaries on Sunday. Nikki Haley emerged victorious in Washington, securing the votes of all 19 delegates, according to the latest report from the Associated Press (AP).

Committing to the race for the Republican nomination, Haley announced her intention to continue at least until the upcoming primaries in 16 US states scheduled for Tuesday. Olivia Perez-Cubas, a spokesperson for Haley, underscored the historic significance of the win, highlighting that Haley became the first woman to triumph in a Republican primary.

Washington, known as a Democratic stronghold, presents a unique political landscape with approximately 23,000 registered Republicans. The AP emphasizes that in the 2020 presidential election, the current Democratic US President, Joseph Biden, secured an impressive 92 percent of the vote in the District of Columbia.

As the primary season unfolds, Trump has amassed the support of 244 delegates, while Haley, gaining momentum, has secured the backing of 43 delegates, as reported by AP. It’s crucial to note that a candidate requires the support of 1,215 delegates to clinch the Republican nomination.

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